Instructions for Adding a BHS Campus Xerox Printer to your Personal Macbook

1. Download and run this application.

2. Open the file and click on the "Xerox WorkCentre......" to launch installer.

4. When you get to the "Select Printer" step, choose the "Network Icon" (it's on the right):

5. Input the IP address of the printer you would like to install. Here are the Xerox machines on campus:

Printer Location
IP Address
C202 - Window
C202 - Door
College Center
Counseling (this one is buggy)
G202 #1
G202 #2
G202 inside #1
G202 inside #2
Security Room/Admin

6. The printer will auto-populate once you enter the IP address. If it doesn't, make sure you are connected to the internet and not on BHSWLAN network. You need to be on teacher-wl to access printers. Ask Matt Albinson for the password if you don't know it.

7. If you are successful, a message like this will display (with info on the printer you added):

Created print queue BHS_SecurityRM for Xerox WC 5665 at lpd://

8. To add another printer, DO NOT HIT CONTINUE! Hit back and do it again. If you hit next by mistake and you still want add another printer, you have to start all the way over and install the software again.

9. Don't worry about the Put in /library/preferences file.

Problems? Enter a helpdesk ticket at