Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!!

1. Google Apps: The educational applications of Google's web applications are vast! The ability to create and collaborate in real time can be useful in any classroom.
  • Here are some lesson plans designed for Google Apps. Not the largest list, but there are some great ideas in there.
  • Here is an online training course in Google Apps designed specifically for teachers.

2. Google Groups: Many teachers are already utilizing their "teacher groups", but this is the single easiest way to explore using the internet to deliver content to your students. Click "Groups" here or at the top of this page to get started. Your teacher groups look like "" where Y1 means a year long course and 6 means 6th period. Your class groups will be updated next year with your new sections and can be used to:
  • share documents with students
  • collect documents from students
  • give students access to a class calendar
  • start an online class discussion...and more.

3. Google Sites: Making a web site is very easy using Google Sites. Decide on a basic layout and choose the pages you would like to compose. Embed a class calendar and set up a page for class documents. Upload assignments and agendas and then direct students who miss class to check on the web site instead of always needing to ask you! To get started, click the "Sites" link at the top of this page.

4. Twitter: All of your students are familiar with Twitter and many are Tweeting every day. Like Google Apps, Twitter is a platform that you can make relevant to your classroom with a little creativity. Set up an account for yourself and start thinking about how to incorporate it into your lessons. Here are some resources:

$$. Donor's Choose/Chevron Classroom Challenge: For the past two years Chevron has completely funded all California Donor's Choose projects that were listed after September 1. If you are not familiar with Donors Choose, visit their site and learn more. To learn more about the Chevron Classroom Challenge, visit their site. If this will be your first project on Donors Choose, you are limited to a particular dollar amount (around $1,000). If you have funded projects through Donors Choose previously then you can qualify for higher amounts. Have your project ready to list on September 1, 2012!

6. Moodle: The esteemed BHS Moodle Learning Management System will be entering its fourth year serving BHS teachers. This year students will be automatically logged into Moodle using their Google Apps accounts. Moodle is a great system for distributing assignments and collecting work. It is similar to functionality to Google Apps, but Moodle has more sophisticated assessment possibilities. Email Matt if you would like a section set up for you on

7. EdModo: Think of Edmodo as the offspring of Moodle and Facebook. It is a social networking platform with the functionality of a learning management system such as assignments, assessments and class groups built in. Students will be pleased with its look and feel since it mimics Facebook. Moodle may be more of an academic tool, but Edmodo is very user friendly.

8. iPad PowerSchool: Pearson has a PowerSchool app for the iPad. It allows grades to be entered as you freely roam the classroom. Wouldn't it be nice to check complete or incomplete work and be able to enter those marks into PowerSchool directly? Search the iPad app store for PowerSchool. To set up, search your gmail for Bradley Hilton's message earlier this year. (enter "ipad from:hilton" into the gmail search bar)

9. iPhone Attendance in PowerSchool: You can take attendance on your Android or Apple smart phone. Point your phone's browser to and log in. The PowerSchool site is optimized for your phone.