Finding Your Google Section Groups
Google Groups have been created for each of the periods you have classes scheduled with all of the rostered students rostered to you those periods.

If you are having trouble finding your Class Groups in a new email message try the following methods to find them:

First Try
In a new email type: 'schweng e' (schweng <space> e without the single quote. Replace 'schweng' with your last name and 'e' with your first initial)
This should reveal a list of your groups

If that doesn't work

Then Try
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on My Groups
    Inline image 1
    Inline image 1
  3. Scroll through your list of groups and find your Z-Groups
  4. Click on one of your Z-Groups
  5. Click the New Topic button at the top left
    Inline image 2
    Inline image 2
  6. Send a new topic (message) to that group. You will also receive a copy of that message in your inbox and the email address for that group should then be added to your personal contacts list making it easier to message from your email in the future.
If all that fails put in a help desk ticket and we will assist you with finding your Z-Groups. Be sure to include your name and any specific periods you are having trouble finding.

The Technology Department

FYI Here is the naming convention for the Z-Groups:

your last name e.g. schweng[first_initial]

your first initial e.g. e[number]

the period number of your class e.g. 1, 2, 3[term]

term of class section e.g. y = year, s1 = semester 1, s2 = semester 2[school] = school abbreviation (bhs, king, long, will)
an example period 1 group would be: